Our outsourced solution is the sorely-needed remedy to the common organisational problems that many time-poor real estate offices face. We’ll free up your valuable time to focus on more productive and lucrative tasks, such as sales, new business or providing assistance to your clients. 

When you put your trust in us, your office will enjoy:

  • Increased overall profitability
  • The ability to service more clients without impacting communication quality
  • Routine task simplification so that staff can be more productive and customer-focused
  • Streamlined banking, reporting, invoicing and balance checking
  • Avoidance of double-handling with cross-referenced data from various aspects of your business
  • Accuracy and reliability of information
  • Continuity of service; no interruption due to sick or annual leave 
  • Real-time database updating 
  • Set timelines for all aspects of your trust accounting